Monitoring political and economic environment and obtaining information on developments.

  • Monitors governmental and parliamentary developments closely and on-site, through its own News Agency.
  • Monitors all sector-related parliamentary activities including specialist commission and sub-commission meetings with its efficient and experienced staff.
  • Gathers information and opinions directly from key decision-makers, law-makers, experts and authorities.
  • While monitoring, anses evaluates events and developments from the related sector’s point of view and filters the information on sector basis.
  • Evaluates developments at legislative and bureaucratic levels, taking into consideration the possible effects on the related sector.


Delivering the obtained information to its clients and analyzing it.

  • Monitoring political and economic developments up to date in Turkey and communicating it to its client on a regular basis.
  • Compiling all information and data directly or indirectly affecting its client and sharing it with the company.
  • Obtaining information and documents pertaining to legislative developments as soon as possible and shares it with its client in its original form.


Providing support in developing strategies.

  • Develops strategies to enable its client to get involved in primary and secondary regulations as well as the legislative process.
  • Works on the best roadmap in order to conduct the most effective influencing activities.
  • Contributes to determining long-term goals of the client and drafts action plans on the implementation accordingly.
  • Makes recommendations regarding the timing and phases of the implementation of the roadmap previously agreed upon.


Participation in decision-making process.

  • Supports its clients in communicating their views and suggestions during decision-making processes and carries out lobbying activities.
  • Spends effort to speed up the implementation of the regulations in favor of the client.
  • Communicates the need for new regulation/legislation to the decision-makers when necessary and carries out lobbying activities in this framework.
  • Communicates client’s views and suggestions to the relevant decision-makers accurately and correctly and organizes meetings with decision-makers, bureaucrats and politicians of various levels.
  • Contributes to strengthen its client’s influential and distinguished image in the eye of public authority.
  • Supporting client’s positioning as an opinion leader and key player in sector-related issues in the eye of political authority and public.
  • Contributes to determining of the shareholders for the client.
  • Plans activities for the client to give messages in line with its long-term targets and provides support for appointments and meetings when necessary.
  • Contributes to establish a long term, sustainable relationship between the client and government circles.
  • Provides support to the government relations part of the crisis management plan when required.